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The BabyPlus lessons are designed to be played for one hour, twice a day. For optimal benefits, start using BabyPlus anytime between 18-32 weeks of pregnancy.

Since 1989, parents in more than 60 countries worldwide have given their children the BabyPlus advantage.

Parents and researchers alike have observed and measured the benefits associated with the BabyPlus Prenatal Education curriculum. Babies that have enjoyed this prenatal curriculum are born more relaxed and alert.

Why use it?

Using BabyPlus during pregnancy provides a wonderful bonding opportunity for mother and baby.

In the prenatal period, the brain is at its most receptive stage of learning. By enriching the auditory environment during this crucial period, independent studies have shown that a child's long term learning capacities are improved.

This early advantage means children will be able to absorb and appreciate far more of their environment than if they had not received prenatal enrichment. BabyPlus children have an intellectual, social, creative, and emotional advantage from the time they are born.

Do babies like BabyPlus?

Developing babies appear to like it very much. They frequently respond with soft, repeated movements accompanying the rhythmic lessons.

Mothers report this to be comforting, and have confirmed that their babies anticipate, recognize, and seem to enjoy this activity. Virtually every mother who has ever used the BabyPlus system emphasizes that it has been a tremendous bonding opportunity and experience.

How to use BabyPlus

Safe and easy to use, the BabyPlus curriculum is a series of 16 patented audio lessons.

For optimal learning, we recommend that you begin using BabyPlus between the 18th and 32nd week of pregnancy. BabyPlus is used twice per day, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon or evening.

Simply enclose the unit inside the fabric pouch. With the speaker pointed inward, place the unit on your abdomen at mid-level and fasten the strap around your waist. The volume of BabyPlus is preset at a precise, safe level.

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